We grow up being told that:

If you want more than what you have, that makes you ungrateful.

If you ask for what you want, that makes you selfish.

If you’re too confident, people won’t like you.

If you have more than other people, you should feel guilty.

You need to hide your wins. Good girls are humble.

You need to hide your wins. Good girls are humble.

It’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

If you follow in the steps of your parents and mentors, that’s the formula for happiness.

“This course brought me from the brink of bankruptcy to being a TV Producer in demand. Best course I’ve EVER purchased. I’ve experienced PROFOUND shifts in my business and life.”

– Stacee Magee

Somewhere along the way these beliefs have completely affected the way your life has turned out. And you’re not the only one.

Sound like you?

  • You want more money, but you hesitate to take action.
  • You think you’re ready for love, but you’re afraid to open up and get hurt.
  • You want more success, but you’re afraid to become somebody that you’re not.
  • You want the spotlight, but you want to avoid criticism or judgement at all costs.
  • You want to have more time and freedom, but you feel guilty taking time off because you feel like you should always be doing something!

If you relate to any of the statements or beliefs above, we must know each other.

I didn’t write them to make you feel bad. I wrote them because they perfectly describe how I lived most of my life.  Wanting to get somewhere yet deep down, unconsciously being afraid of it.

And that’s ok. Really. It worked to a certain extent but I feel like it was most definitely the energy of SURVIVAL!   Looking back at it now, that reality was more exhausting and painful than I could admit at the time.

Until now! .



Shrinking like this is a learned behavior — which means it can be unlearned. *Cue the chorus of angels* If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel marathon to your next goal and trade survival mode for a life of surplus, ease and abundance, Infinite Receiving is for you.

“Received a 6-figure payout, free trips, tickets to events, speaking gigs and healing as a 4 time cancer thriver.” Tandy Elisala

What if you’re missing all that the universe is trying to give to you and you’re not receiving because you have blinders on and blocks all around?



All of the love, clarity, clients, peace, freedom, success you desire, all available AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. In fact, The amazing news is it is available and the only thing that’s standing in the way is YOU!

This is the best news because you don’t have to control the world around you. You just have to open your channels to receive, and it’ll all start flooding in.


Sounds easy right? Let me show you how much easier it can be … and don’t worry, you’ve not missed out on learning this before, because virtually NO ONE is teaching this!

Your whole life can really change in an instant –as you’ll see below. And there’s NO limit to the supply of goodness but the limits you put on yourself.



I was not born knowing this.  I was that person that tried to do everything by the book including following my dreams…It didn’t work.  


Business and life came to a complete halt in February 2016, so I gave myself and the universe an ultimatum. I’d just become a single mom and all the unstoppable actions I was taking in my business didn’t work.  I got to the point where I couldn’t afford GAS for my house.


This is NOT the reality that I dreamed of when I decided to follow my dreams and live on purpose!  I had a deep KNOWING that I was the one that was blocking the clients, the opportunities and the money I was so desperately trying to get.

2016 could have been my worst year, but instead, it became the year I cracked the floodgates of abundance.


This ONE MESSAGE changed everything for me in 25 minutes and it TOO will change your life

Hear my story here:

“My capacity to receive expands infinitely like the universe.” Yessss…. I hope you took a few minutes to watch the incredible story of Infinite Receiving

Since I opened up to Infinite Receiving™: • I was gifted a week in St. Barths by a client! • I’ve traveled to 9 countries to speak about Infinite Receiving • I clocked in Platinum status on American Airlines because of all the travel. • I started dating again and found the love of my life, this after being stood up 12 times! • My business brought in over a million dollars in 19 months from almost zero!

Most importantly,


• I’ve become a better mom. • I judge myself less. • I’m more connected to my life, my house, my life and soul as opposed to checked out. • I’ve embraced and accepted myself deeply without specifics of weight, size, success. • People always seem to compliment me on my energy, aura, and presence.

I’m more organized, less frazzled and scattered.

My life’s mission with Infinite Receiving™ is to heal your scarcity, lack and controlling mindset by proving to you that you can trust in the Universe more than yourself, and that there’s no reason to fear uncertainty or success.   Perhaps you’ve not been taught how to receive from the big blue Universe, but that can end today. • One woman won an unexpected scholarship after watching the original IR video. • Another had her rheumatoid arthritis disappear into thin air, and she was able to move a 400-pound table with the help of her son after not being able to push a thing for years. • Yet another had climbed to the Everest Base Camp and repeated her own twist on the mantra, “My ability to breathe expands infinitely like the universe.” She was the only one in her party who did not  need oxygen on the climb.

I bet you shrink and you don’t know it… Let’s do a quick capacity check to see if how often you shrink:

CHECK ALL THAT APPLY the box alongside each one that applies.

How many of the above felt personal?

All of those things tell the universe, “Even though I pray for the things I want and work for them, I’m scared to receive them. Send them somewhere else.

Everything in the checklist is deflecting from the smallest to the biggest blessings!

RECEIVING has NOTHING to do with how smart you are, how rich you are, how pretty you are.  I’ve seen women struggle with receiving at all ages and in the richest of circumstances.

When you decide to join

You will receive:

  • 7-weeks of hands-on, easy to implement quantum lessons & experiences proven to heal your mindset, get you out of your own way, and trust infinitely in yourself and the universe so that you can stay open to receive in all circumstances.
  • A life-changing introduction to the Infinite Receiving method- which will open up your pathways to unlimited prosperity and endless blessings (nobody else is teaching this!)
  • 7 Modules to Infinite Receiving — These special trainings are the doorways into learn to receive infinitely and stay open
  • 6 previous versions of Infinite Receiving and 80+ expansion calls in a members only Membership site where you can access anytime, anywhere.
  • A Spot In the MEMBERS ONLY Infinite Receivers Tribe — Infinite Receivers are some of the most authentic, real, kind, generous, supportive people you will ever meet. And they’re about to become your BFFs.
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS: A 30-Min SOS Call with Maru for when you’re feeling stuck or need an extra boost to get your Receiving OPEN!
  • An Infinite Receiving bracelet shipped to you anywhere in the world that will serve as your anchor throughout our time together and beyond
  • Lifetime Access — When you join Infinite Receiving today, you become an Infinite Receiver FOR LIFE. You’ll automatically be granted access to every update and every new release in Infinite Receiving including the previous 6 versions of the program. Infinite Receiving is always expanding and evolving. You get to expand with us!

Infinite Receiving Modules


My Capacity To Receive Expands Infinitely Like The Universe When You …

Week 1: Stop Shrinking One Reaction At A Time … Divorce Drama

Week 2: Manifest Quickly the Green Pastures Way, Stop Obsessing over the HOW

Week 3: Stop Resisting Being With Yourself, Goodbye Resistance

Week 4: Eliminate all pedestals from Your life and Watch Your Blessings Get Close

Week 5: Know How To Navigate The Contractions Of Life & Expand Again

Week 6: Master the Art of Asking

Week 7: Move Beyond Labels & Self-Consciousness

BONUS WORKSHOP: Set Goals The Infinite Receiving Way So You’ll Actually Receive Them!

You’re probably wondering, how do I know if Infinite Receiving is for me?

Look, I get it. You feel like you should invest in your priorities right now, like food and your business. And you’ve already worked on your mindset for like 100 years. Can’t you just get by with a few exercises? That mantra thing seemed to work pretty well for you.

Why should I spend my hard-earned dollar bills on Infinite Receiving?

The reason that Infinite Receiving has become such a force of nature with hundreds women joining from nearly every continent is because it works. By the end of this program, these women aren’t just richer, happier, and more loved. They are different women altogether. Infinite Receiving is the missing piece. It was for me. And it was for so many Infinite Receivers who’ve come after me. For a lot of these women, it’s been better than therapy, better than coaching, better than courses, and definitely better than doing this work all by yourself. We all need a container of support that’s willing to help us see the truth. It’s like trying to become Michael Phelps without an Olympic-sized team behind him. No matter how disciplined or self aware you are, you’ll never be able to see your own blind spots. Your ego will change the password on you constantly, and you’ll wind up running circles around yourself. Just like you’ll never be able to get ahead with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, you’ll never be able to make the money you want, feel as healthy as you wish you were, or have the relationships you desire, if you aren’t diving deep and clearing out the 25, 30, 40 years of RESISTANCE you’ve got built up.


Ready to release all your resistance, so your capacity to receive can expand infinitely like the universe?

Choose your option below: