You only get what you have the capacity to receive.

We grow up being told that:

If you want more than what you have, that makes you ungrateful.

If you ask for what you want, that makes you selfish.

If you’re too confident, people won’t like you.

If you have more than other people, you should feel guilty.

You need to hide your wins. Good girls are humble.

You need to hide your wins. Good girls are humble.

It’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

If you follow in the steps of your parents and mentors, that’s the formula for happiness.

Somewhere along the way you started believing in other people’s opinions more than your own.

And it’s caused you to S-H-R-I-N-K.

You’re a little ashamed to admit it, but the life you’re living right now is a far cry from what you’re capable of.

Sound like you?

  • You want more money, but you’re afraid to face your credit card debt or even open your bank statement. If you ignore it, it doesn’t have the same power over you.
  • You tell yourself you’re ready for love, but you’re afraid to open up and risk getting hurt.
  • You wish you were more visible in your business, but you’re uncomfortable in your own skin.
  • You’d like to be successful, but you’re terrified of being perceived as pushy or salesy.
  • Whenever you stretch and get close to all of the clients, money, love or success, you somehow quickly fall back into the cycle of feast and famine.

That’s ok. Really. It’s what you’ve had to do so far to survive, and it’s worked. But it’s been more painful than you’re even willing to admit.

Until now.

This might be your starting point, but it is definitely NOT your finish line.

Shrinking like this is a learned behavior — which means it can be unlearned.

*Cue the chorus of angels*

Did you Know:

 The majority of humans breathe at only 30% of their lung capacity? We are literally trained from birth to breathe shallow. Yet there’s a whopping 70% more we can expand into.


Where else in your life are you only receiving at 30%?

Your capacity to receive is like your capacity to breathe.

If your pathways to receive are fully open, you can pull anything you want down from the big blue universe—clients, a successful business, your soulmate. Whatever you desire, you can have it.

But if your pathways are constricted, the things you want physically cannot enter.

It’s like a person with asthma trying desperately to catch their breath, but they can’t. They need an inhaler to open their lungs first before they can breathe deeply again.


Infinite Receiving works like that inhaler, opening you back up to your natural ability to receive, so you never have to deal with the trickles again.

If you don’t have all the money, success, love, and happiness you want, it isn’t because there’s anything wrong with you, love.

It’s because you haven’t been taught how to open up to receive it and keep it … yet!

Be proud of yourself for getting this far. But please give yourself permission to try something new.

What if the universe was ready to deliver more than you ever dreamed possible, all you had to do was be open to it?



All of the money, the success, the love, the happiness, the opportunities, the book deals, the gifts, the vacations, the checks, the time.

The ultimate delivery service is AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

You just have to open your channels to receive, and it’ll all start flooding in.
Whoosh. Sounds easy right? It actually isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Your whole life can really change in an instant. And there’s NO limit to how good it can get.

Me? I know a thing or two about expansion.


Here’s what you need to know about me: 2016 could have been my worst year, but instead it was my best year…because of Infinite Receiving.


Two years ago, I became a single mom.To make enough money to support my little family, I hustled, I followed the experts, and I tried all the strategies. Nothing was working.

I decided to check out and spend $100 I didn’t have on one night in a hotel room. I figured a little time and space was all I needed to come up with a new plan for making money.

I decided to check out and spend $100 I didn’t have on one night in a hotel room. I figured a little time and space was all I needed to come up with a new plan for making money.

I had barely shut my car door when I heard a voice booming in my ear:


You only get what you have the capacity to receive.”


I don’t know who it was or where it came from, but the Universe was clearly sending me a message. I decided I had better listen.

I started repeating a mantra to myself:


“My capacity to receive
expands infinitely like the universe.”


The floodgates of abundance cracked wide open.


What followed was nothing short of miraculous…

After opening myself up to receive infinitely, I made $31,000 in 5 days, tripling my income from the month before and instantly having my best income month ever.

Holy shift.

Could it really be that easy? I was scared at first, but I knew there was something to this idea of expansion. I couldn’t keep it all to myself.

I recorded a video on expansion for my audience, and it went viral. I received more emails than I could even respond to!

Before I knew it, I had 40 testimonials in my inbox from women who had tested Infinite Receiving in their own lives and reaped the rewards.

  • One woman won an unexpected scholarship.
  • Another had her rheumatoid arthritis disappear into thin air, and she was able to move a 400-pound table with the help of her son after not being able to push a thing for years.
  • Yet another had climbed to the Everest Base Camp and repeated her own twist on the mantra, “My ability to breathe expands infinitely like the universe.” She was the only one in her party not to need oxygen on the climb.


Since I opened up to

Infinite Receiving:

  • Started dating again and found the love of my life, this after being stood up 12 times!
  • My business grew to over a million dollars in 18 months.
    and so much more!


In no time flat,

Infinite Receiving has become a global movement

Inspiring thousands of women around the world to open up their capacities to receive and allow in all the blessings of the universe. THERE HAVE BEEN MEETUPS IN ICELAND, DUBAI, BRAZIL, AMSTERDAM, LONDON, and GREECE.

Hear what the tribe has to say:

Infinite Receiving Tribe Gathering + LIVE Event 2017 Fort Worth, Texas

Expansion is Universal Law.

That means that the world around us, the very galaxy we live in, is in a constant state of growth. It is scientifically proven the Universe is expanding each and every day.

Expansion is the natural state of the universe, which means it’s your natural state too.

Your bank account, your love, your happiness—every area of your life. It’s meant to be expanding. The nature of life is to expand, grow and evolve, infinitely like the universe.


Infinite Receiving is STILL OPEN!
You can start at any point!

Phase I: Micro to Macro
In this phase we are going to dive deep into the subtle and non-obvious ways that we are deflecting success, money and blessings.

  • Learn to make micro shifts that lead to macro results.
  • How to call in the feeling and energy of Opennes and Expansion at will
  • Identify causes and solutions for shrinking
  • Review principles of Infinite Prosperity and Universal creation
  • Practice the language of expansion and receiving
  • We will prepare for our Infinite Receiving journey ahead
Phase II: Expand Your Capacity to Receive Infinitely
  • Phase II: Expand Your Capacity to Receive Infinitely
  • Learn to detach from the how and from outcome to receive more
  • Overcome adversity and setbacks fast through a receiving mentality
  • Set goals the Infinite Receiving way
  • The fastest path to receive: Essence vs Form
  • Take things, people and money off pedestals for it blocks your receiving
  • Get past resistance and procrastination for good
  • Upper Limits are boring, Helloooo awesomeness levels.
  • Understanding how Expansion works so you can keep expanding and receiving more, forever!
  • Learn it to Receive it all!
  • Permission to change the plans you create
  • Living in positive ambition all the time!
  • Practice and implement the principles of Infinite Receiving
  • Staying in the room with humility.
  • Having it all!
Phase III: The habit of receiving
  • Permission to change the plans you create
  • Living in positive ambition all the time!
  • Practice and implement the principles of Infinite Receiving
  • Staying in the room with humility.
  • Having it all!

When you join Infinite Receiving, you will receive:

  • A life-changing introduction to the Infinite Receiving method, which will open up your pathways to unlimited prosperity and endless blessings (nobody else is teaching this)
  • 10 Infinite Receiving Experiences — These special trainings are the doorways into IR
  • 10 Infinite Receiving Experiments — Take these practices into your day-to-day life and watch as everything shifts in your favor
  • Private access to the Infinite Receiving Membership Site where you can access all the content anywhere, anytime.
  • An Infinite Receiving bracelet shipped to you
  • Lifetime Access — When you join Infinite Receiving today, you become an Infinite Receiver FOR LIFE. You’ll automatically be granted access to every update and every new release in Infinite Receiving. Forever.
  • A Spot In The Infinite Receivers Tribe — Infinite Receivers are some of the kindest, most generous, most supportive people you will ever meet. And they’re about to become your new BFFs.

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You’re probably wondering, how do I know if Infinite Receiving is for me?

Look, I get it. You feel like you should invest in your priorities right now, like food and your business. And you’ve already worked on your mindset for like 100 years. Can’t you just get by with a few exercises? That mantra thing seemed to work pretty well for you.

Why should I spend my hard-earned dollar bills on Infinite Receiving?

The reason that Infinite Receiving has become such a force of nature with hundreds women joining from nearly every continent is because it works.

By the end of this program, these women aren’t just richer, happier, and more loved. They are different women altogether.

Infinite Receiving is the missing piece.

It was for me. And it was for so many Infinite Receivers who’ve come after me.

For a lot of these women, it’s been better than therapy, better than coaching, better than courses, and definitely better than doing this work all by yourself.

We all need a container of support that’s willing to help us see the truth. It’s like trying to become Michael Phelps without an Olympic-sized team behind him. No matter how disciplined or self aware you are, you’ll never be able to see your own blind spots. Your ego will change the password on you constantly, and you’ll wind up running circles around yourself.

Just like you’ll never be able to get ahead with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, you’ll never be able to make the money you want, feel as healthy as you wish you were, or have the relationships you desire, if you aren’t diving deep and clearing out the 25, 30, 40 years of RESISTANCE you’ve got built up.


Still not convinced?

Let’s do a quick capacity check to see what level you’re receiving at right now.

How many of these blocks to receiving do you have? CHECK the box alongside each one that applies.

All of those things tell the universe,


Everything in the checklist is acting as a deflection mechanism, as a block to your receiving. We all have them — I’ve seen women struggle with resistance in the richest country in the world. But it’s up to you if you want to keep them.

Ready to release all your resistance, so your capacity to receive can expand infinitely like the universe?

Choose your option below:

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